Wednesday, July 05, 2006

No need to Panic at that Wedding Invitation

It's summertime and that means it the biggest wedding season of the year. For too long single women have dreaded those romantic wedding invitations and chosen an evening alone with a bucket of ice cream rather than celebrate with a close friend. Well it's time to snap out of that attitude and change your perspective. WEDDINGS aren’t just about the bride and groom anymore. Now it’s actually a perfect place to meet your mate!

DON’T TAKE A DATE to a wedding unless you are in an exclusive relationship because weddings are a great place to meet someone new. Why is it a great pick up place? Because the guy you meet can be “vouched for” by the bride or groom as either a good guy or bad guy. It’s far better than picking up a stranger in a bar or on the internet. You can find out scoop about them before you exchange numbers.

Who goes to weddings?
Close friends, family, long lost buddies, distant relatives plus coworkers. It’s a great place to reconnect with people and also a great place to meet someone new.

Why it’s great to meet someone at a wedding?
--Everyone puts their best foot forward and we all usually look great at weddings.
--You automatically have something to talk about—the bride and the groom
--Weddings are a great pick up place because the folks are vouched. What you find at weddings are family, close friends and co-workers
--You will have someone in common. It is easy to start up a conversation—all you have to ask is “do you know the bride or groom?” And let it go from there.
--It’s a no pressure, fun way to meet someone new. They’re already there to have a great time. So the pressure is off.

Best place to mingle? The line for food or drinks at the reception.

Enlist your friends—the couple
Try to find out any scoop on singles BEFORE the big day when the bride and groom aren’t so preoccupied with their moment. People LOVE to get involved in others love lives so let them know you’d be open to meeting someone. Find out from the bride or groom (whom ever you are friends with) who is invited that is single and if there is someone that may be a good match for you and ask to be placed near them at the reception—perhaps even have a word or two slipped to the potential match up so they will be thinking about the hook up.

If it’s a buffet: Scope out ahead of time where to sit and just happen to be by that table.

If it’s a sit down: Try to have that worked out with the bride or groom so you get placed at a good table.

And if you’re in the wedding party, even better, because you have several chances to get to know the rest of the wedding party and if one just happens to be single and handsome…

So next time you stress about an invitation in the mail, say yes, and go stag….your “Man Worth Keeping” just may be waiting near the aisle.


Anonymous said...

You're so vapid.

Dating Directory said...

Love the line about not taking a date to a wedding because weddings are great places to meet someone new!

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